American Red Cross Lifeguard Training 2018:

Classes this year will follow the American Red Cross "Intensive" format which will complete the course in just one long weekend. Because of this, registrations per class will be limited. If you register for a class that is full, you will have the choice of another date or to be put on the waitlist.

  • Lifeguard Class LG18B- March 23rd - 25th. Completed
  • Lifeguard Class LG18A- March 30th - Apr 1st. Completed
  • Lifeguard Class LG18C- April 15th, April 27th - 29th. Completed
  • Lifeguard Class LG18D- Skills pretest: May 6th, Class: May 18th - 20th. 
  • Lifeguard Review LGR18C- Class Date: April 14th. Completed
  • Lifeguard Review LGR18D- Class Date: May 6th. Completed
  • New!! Lifeguard Class LG18E- Class Dates: May 29 - June 1st, 4 to 9pm
  • Registration Closed

Cost: Full Lifeguard Training Classes - $225
          Lifeguard Review Classes - $100

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Skills Pretest:Each class (new or review) starts with a Skills Pretest. This test is to determine each students ability to perform the skills and rescues they will learn in the course.

  • Swim 300 yards continuously, Candidates must swim using the Front Crawl or Breastroke or a combination of both. Swimming on the back or side is not allowed. Goggles may be used for this part of the test only.
  • Tread water for two minutes using only the legs, hands must be under the armpits or in the air.
  • Must complete a timed event in 1:40 (one minute and forty seconds), Participants must swim 20 yards, perform a surface dive, pick up a diving brick from the bottom of the pool, and swim back 20 yards with brick on the chest. The diving brick test must be done in 1:40 or less, no goggles are allowed.

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Health and Safety Training and aquatics

A&M Aquatic offers Lifeguard training through a process called Blended Learning through the American Red Cross Learning Center. Blended Learning is a training method where students benefit from both onsite training in the classroom and in the water along with online course work. This reduces the amount of time students have to spend in the classroom, allows the students to work at their own pace online, and allows for more time for skill work in the water. Students will gain access to the online course work once they have successfully completed the Skills pretest at the beginning of each class.

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Type of Training

Lifeguard Training!

All Lifeguard classes are taught at:

The University of Findlay, 1000 N Main St, Findlay OH